An extended INSPIRE data model for Utility Networks has been created in the frame of the GeoSmartCity EU funded project.

It extends the INSPIRE core Utility Networks schemas, re-using some elements of the extended schemas present in the INSPIRE draft schema repository and adding new elements (FeatureTypes, DataTypes, Codelists, Associations) needed to match data modelling requirements collected in use cases related to the management of underground networks.

We structured the data modelling requirements on the base of the user requirements specified by the pilots involved in the project. We then asked the pilots to test the data model with their actual data and consider their feedback. Since the data model extends the INSPIRE Electricity Networks Schema and takes the requirements of both the Italian and the Flanders Region National Specifications on Utility networks into account, we will maintain the data model to take into account eventual new requirements in national legislation.

Find out more about this model in this video series.