INSPIRE Data Specification Extensions

Get the most out of INSPIRE by extending data specifications!

Site Purpose and Overview

We collect and document best practices for extending INSPIRE models. This documentation shows how organisations can align their processes with the INSPIRE reference infrastructure. Below, you'll find an extension methodology that describes the process, people and tools needed to make an INSPIRE extension project successful, and provides common extension approaches in the form of a pattern catalogue.

The site has three core elements: The initial survey and inventory of existing INSPIRE Model Extensions, the extension pattern catalogue and an end-to-end tutorial project:

  1. Introduction
  2. Results of the Survey
  3. Model Extensions Inventory
  4. The INSPIRE Model-Driven Approach
  5. The Extension Methodology
  6. The Pattern Catalogue
  7. An End-to-End Tutorial Project
  8. Conclusions and Outlook

Extensions in 3 minutes: Make INSPIRE Work for you

This short video uses the example of the energy efficiency of buildings to demonstrate how to make INSPIRE work for you by using INSPIRE Extensions.

Authors and Contributors

This study is executed and documented by wetransform and has been commissioned by Geonovum. The JRC, the European Environmental Agency and DG Environment fully support this initiative and take part in our advisory board. They have sponsored meetings and provided exposure for the survey and the results. A panel of data modelling experts has provided highly valuable input and contributions:

  1. Christian Ansorge, European Environmental Agency
  2. Morten Borrebæk, Kartverket
  3. Paul Janssen and Linda van den Brink, Geonovum
  4. Stefania Morrone, Epsilon Italia
  5. Peter Parslow and Debbie Wilson, Ordnance Survey
  6. Joeri Robbrecht, DG Environment
  7. Katharina Schleidt, Umweltbundesamt Österreich
  8. Petr Soucek, Státní správa zeměměřictví a katastru
  9. Robert Tomas, Michael Lutz and Robin Smith, Joint Research Center, Ispra

The project team itself includes Jandirk Bulens and Michel Grothe from Geonovum, and Thorsten Reitz from wetransform.

Contact and Involvement

You have an INSPIRE model extension you'd like to see included in the inventory? Fork the repository on GitHub, add your page for the model, and send us a pull request. Let us know if you are not familiar with this approach and we'll help you to get it included.

Past Project Activities

  1. Kickoff Workshop (Amersfoort) – 9th of March 2016
  2. Model Extensions Inventory Delivery
  3. Advisory Board Meeting (Ispra) – 21st of April
  4. Extension Methodology Draft
  5. Full Pattern Catalogue
  6. Tutorial Project and Running Example Documentation
  7. Advisory Board Review Meeting (Ispra) – 29th to 30th of June 2016
  8. Final Report
  9. Workshop at INSPIRE Conference (Barcelona) – 26th of September, 09:00 to 12:30