The LISA data model was developed based on the assumption of monotemporal observations within a 3-year period. With the integration of SENTINEL-2 data, this concept had to be adapted and amended to cope with multi-temporal observations within a year.

The EAGLE data model was designed a few years after LISA, and was developed back-to-back with the INSPIRE data specifications for land cover. The amendment of the LISA data model was realized based on the following preconditions:

  • Keep continuity to previous data model as fas as possible
  • Changes in nomenclature only in extraordinary cases
  • Adapt to the EAGLE model and terminology (land cover unit, land cover component)
  • Adapt to INSPIRE data specifications
  • Integrate multi-temporal components of EAGLE (“time machine”)
  • Provide the possibility to store individual observations (e.g. NDVI on a certain date) on object level

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